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The SMS brand has been produced in Glasgow since 1988. The term "Clyde built" has been synonymous with the best of quality for two centuries. We are proud to offer this brand with its reputation for reliability and value for money.

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PC Computer Systems, Printers, Ink cartridges, Paper, Scanners, Web Cams, CD Writers, CD blanks - also in bulk, Notebooks, Laptops, Quality monitors, Servers, Video & Sound cards, Components for upgrading, Modems, Speakers, Multimedia Projectors, DVD, Backup Software

Technical Services:
Repairs: PCs, printers, monitors, Networks: installation & maintenance, Troubleshooting, Annual contracts, Ad-hoc service, Email & Fax sharing setups, Upgrades, Configuration

Internet Services:
Internet access accounts, E-Commerce shop solutions, Web Design / Sites, Advisory service, Domain registration, Inter Company Email
Wireless networks
Broadband internet
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DVD Writers
Memory Chips
Blank CD/DVD media

A new unit only, keeping your monitor and other bits, might be cheaper than an upgrade...

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